Revested accessories are characterised by the warmth and uniqueness that only hand crafted products can achieve. The top-of-the-line materials used in Revested products undergo cutting-edge processing techniques. From this combination of high quality raw materials and artisan know-how we create a truly exclusive product, in which the expertise in selection, and the skill employed in realization are the greatest possible luxury. The charm of a handmade product is a genuine value, today more than ever, this is a clear sign of prestige and refinement


Revested Milano accessories combine lightness with functionality. A careful and essential design guarantees your smartphone has all-round protection while keeping the feel extremely light. The openings are finished by hand with a dyed-edge technique used in the processing of high-quality leather goods. The microfibre inner lining protects your iPhone from dust and scratches. The logo on the metal Pin is refined, but discrete at the same time. Revested Milano accessories are PRODUCT DESIGN compatible with wireless chargers and are hand washable.

A pleasure to touch

The tactile dimension is fundamental in the choice of fabrics, and is crucial to our evaluation. The sensory aspect is an essential component of all Revested Milano products. In a world where materials are becoming increasingly smooth and cold, the pleasure of touching a soft and precious material radically transforms the smartphone user experience.


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